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  • An interview with Sylwia G- Fashion and portrait photographer

    Dainty London™ was recently featured in Elegant Magazine with thanks to the wonderful fashion and portrait photographer Sylwia Gniazdowska. Sylwia is a London based photographer who specialises in mood enhancing fashion and editorial shoots for large brands- we asked her to share her photography knowledge with us. View Post
  • Mother's Day and Beyond: A celebration of all Mothers this March

    Is Mothers' Day just another money-making capitalist propaganda and opportunity for big businesses to make even more money of the little folks? Or is there more meaning to it? This Mother's Day blog discusses the history of Mother's day & what this day means to me as a busy mother of two.  View Post
  • The Juggle is Real

    I am frequently asked 'How do you do it?' People are astonished that I am a full time Mum to two baby girls under two, I am a homemaker, a wife, and run my own business.
    Believe me, The Juggle Is Real...
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