Margaux’s Grand Elle

One ill-fated night in 1763, as Margaux Grey clung to the rocks, the sting of the sea whipping her back and the remains of her cargo vessel crashing at her feet, she clutched her only remaining possession – her jewellery purse – close to her chest. As a hand reached through the black and brutal night pulling her up over the cliff to safety, the purse tumbled from her grasp, cascading a waterfall of rainbow gems into the sea below. This was the necklace she cherished the most.

Lost to the sea for centuries, Margaux’s grand Amethyst necklace organically evolved - shaped by the relentless tide, ingrained by the sandy seabed and sculpted by delicate collections of barnacles – revealing the 1763 Collection we see today.

Created in 18ct gold vermeil then finished with a jewellers granulation technique to create the perfect organic looking 22’’ chain and setting for the 25x30mm ancestral amethyst stone.

Size: Pendant 1.5cm, chain measures 55cm/22" and is adjustable

All necklaces are lovingly gift wrapped in a plummet grey matchbox style jewellery box with our logo embossed in gold foil to the outer lid. We include a complementary jewellery polishing cloth with every order to keep your jewels sparkling.

Free delivery. Delivery time: 2-4 weeks

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