The Juggle is Real

The Juggle is Real - Dainty London
I am frequently asked 'How do you do it?'
People are astonished that I am a full time Mum to two baby girls under two, I am a homemaker, a wife, and run my own business.
Believe me, The Juggle Is Real..
The order of priorities in my life are my babies, the husband (sorry) and then my wonderful business. I don't believe it should be any other way.
I have a 8 week old baby (Attia) & a 18 month old (Soraya) and before Attia was born I thought I had created enough stock to last me through the winter (like a hedgehog preparing for hybernation). Well I was wrong, I have been mega busy lately with the Christmas rush beginning to kick in and with every sale, my stock levels & packaging levels diminish (obviously). This week alone we have been inundated with orders.. so thank you, you wonderful humans!
So the question is, how do I keep on top of it all?
Well, the answer is time blocking and having a strict morning routine (I always leave the afternoons free to be a mum). I wake before the girls in the morning to catch up on business social media & DM's. I prepare both girls breakfasts & have an hour of reading & play before they both have a late morning nap. I spend this time on preparing your orders which includes polishing your jewellery & gift wrapping, I reply to emails and get myself washed & dressed. Because I have around 1.5- 2 hours to get all of this completed, I have learnt to master this all with speed. Soraya goes to nursery two afternoons a week so I am able to get into the workshop for a few hours while Attia naps. If I need to use the serious equipment... like the heavy power tools then my mother in law kindly takes Attia for the afternoon. Once the kids go to bed in the evenings, I spend another 1.5 hours preparing the orders for that day, admin, & replying to your emails. Then I turn my phone onto silent so I can have dinner with my husband & spend some time with him in order to restore a healthy work life balance.
Approximately 543,000 new businesses get started each month ( which means the competition is fierce. It is easy to become saturated in a very busy market, however only 70 percent of small businesses remain in operation for at least two years and only 50 percent are still around after five years ( So not only is the competition fierce at the beginning, the risks of failure are extremely high too.
That's why you need to stand out from the crowd. I like to think I offer perfectly imperfect unique statement jewellery (because its all completely handmade by me and every single piece is different) and I offer something a bit different to my competitors. But not only that, I offer FREE POSTAGE on everything, FREE GIFT WRAPPING and recently have started adding a FREE jewellery polishing cloth with every order to keep your piece of unique handmade jewellery sparkling for longer. How many other jewellery businesses do you know that offer this?
Yes I freak out from time to time, but I chose this lifestyle. I chose to leave a career in nursing to combine my two loves; motherhood & jewellery design. It doesn't feel like work to me, it feels like a really fun hobby that pays the bills. I get so excited and buzz around the room with every sale, compliment, good review, celebrity or influencer contact, or exhibition opportunities. And because I am happy, it makes my house happy. 
My dream is to build a jewellery empire that these two beautiful little humans will want to part of when they are older. 
With Love,
Jade x
P.s My next blogs will talk more about the methods of jewellery making, our jewellery making courses, and the new collection... which is launching late November! waaaa!
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