Push presents: finding the perfect gift to celebrate motherhood

Push presents: finding the perfect gift to celebrate motherhood - Dainty London

Bringing new life into the world is a wonderful thing. Whilst many will say your newborn is gift enough for the occasion, motherhood should certainly be celebrated, whether you’re welcoming your first child or a new addition to your family.

One way to do just that is with a push present. It’s a rising trend that’s gripped expecting couples around the world, with 38% of new mums receiving a gift shortly after giving birth and 55% of expectant mothers expecting to receive one according to this survey. But what exactly is a push present? Here, Mom in the Six reveals all:

“Push presents (or ‘push gifts’) are a relatively new concept where the father gives his partner a present after birth to mark the milestone, as well as thank the new mom for going through the pain and suffering of labour and pregnancy. They commemorate literally ‘pushing’ a baby into the world. There doesn’t seem to be a known source of how push presents came to be – but they are typically a physical gift – usually jewellery – given to the mother after birth by the father.”

If you’re thinking of hopping onto this fast-growing trend and gifting your partner with a push present, or are an expectant mother looking to drop a few hints, you’ll want to read our rundown of the best push present picks…

Send in the stork

Nothing represents the marvel of birth than the fairy tale of the stork. Whilst real birth is a lot harder than the delivery of babies this Medieval folklore depicts, gifting an expectant mother with our beautiful handcrafted stork pendant – available in gold vermeil, solid gold and silver – is a great way to mark the occasion.

Delicate, graceful and a true representation of maternal love, these stunning pieces can even be personalised with tabs embossed with your new addition’s initials.

Baby looking at the camera

Read between the lines

If you’re searching for something a little more understated, our spinning necklace with a hidden message is an excellent alternative. 

Crafted from recycled sterling silver and presented on a sterling silver chain, the ‘I Love You’ spinning necklace is a beautiful addition to any jewellery collection and is perfect for daily wear.

When spun, its hidden message - ‘I Love You’ - is revealed. The pendant can be made extra special with personalised tabs embossed with the initials of mum, baby and even your other children if you’re adding to your family.

Say it with gems

Gemstone jewellery always makes a beautiful gift and what better way to dazzle a new mother than with the Cleodora Ring II

Sporting a timelessly traditional Victorian setting made from 18ct gold vermeil and a magnificent deep blue London Topaz stone, it’s a showstopper of a ring that’s certain to impress.

You can make your push present selection extra special by choosing a ring that’s the recipient’s birthstone. Topaz for instance is the birthstone for November.

Unsure which birthstone belongs to your partner? Read our month-by-month guide to birthstones here.

Engraved with love

Keep your push present classic, beautiful and sentimental by gifting a personalised bangle to that amazing woman in your life. Available in gold vermeil and sterling silver, our personalised bangles are handcrafted and elegant enough to be worn every, single day.

They can be personalised with anything up to 40 letters. Add your children’s names, remind your partner of an empowering famous quote, or engrave the words of their favourite poem to give them a daily reminder that you care.

You’ll find lots more push present inspiration in our Mum & Baby collection, giving you all you need to celebrate that bundle of joy and that super-strong new mother in style.

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