Silver Necklace Workshop- Saturday 22nd February 2020

Dainty London

Fancy a fun and different experience? Make a silver necklace workshop. Join us for an afternoon of crafts and cake and learn how to design your own silver necklace through the method of wax carving. With this technique you can literally design anything you like- you can add your finger print, family names or free hand draw a funky design. All workshop prices are inclusive of a Cornish Cream tea selection alongside a choice of tea or coffee at The Stores, a fantastic and quirky restaurant based in Chelmsford, Essex. 
After the workshop your wax carved pendant will be sent to a casters to be converted into sterling silver. It will then be professionally cleaned, polished, and finished by the Dainty London team and posted to you on a gorgeous 18'' sterling silver satellite chain ready to wear within two weeks.