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Hey, I'm Jade, the proud founder of this magical brand. I am originally from Cornwall and now residing in Essex with my wonderful family. My journey as a Children's Cardiac Specialist transformed into a passion for design and storytelling, which led me to become a multi-award-winning jewellery designer.

Breathing life into unique tales

When designing and making your jewellery, I get my inspiration from my cherished childhood memories in Cornwall, my nursing experiences, and my thrilling adventures from around the world. Each piece I create breathes life into those unique tales and I am thrilled to present you a round-up of my personal favourites and our top-selling designs.

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The Gold Hebe Bangle - Dainty London
The Round Hemera Ring - Dainty London

The Round Hemera Ring

The Hemera Ring is named after the ancient Greek Goddess of sunlight and is a beautiful piece crafted from recycled sterling silver. Its intricate geometric design features a granulation technique and catches the light at different angles, creating the illusion that the ring sparkles.

The Seashell Story

When I was seven, I found a tiny seashell buried in the sand while waiting for my father's boat to return from sea. I kept that little seashell and have now transformed it into stunning pieces of recycled silver and gold, capturing the magic and wonder of our inner child.

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Our Rings have been named after historical mermaid sightings