Behind The Brand

  • Our Coastal Collection

    The Cornish Coastal collection is a nod to the halcyon days of my childhood in Cornwall, surrounded by the beautiful beaches and rugged coastlines, where bedtime stories were peppered with tales of mermaids and other local folklore. Here's our Coastal collection look book... View Post
  • Virtual & Online Jewellery Making Workshops

    While we self-isolate at home do you question if it will begin to take it toll on our mental well-being? I can’t imagine fear and boredom mix too well, therefore I wanted to give you some more information on our virtual jewellery making workshops to keep you busy during this uncertain time.

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  • Mother's Day and Beyond: A celebration of all Mothers this March

    Is Mothers' Day just another money-making capitalist propaganda and opportunity for big businesses to make even more money of the little folks? Or is there more meaning to it? This Mother's Day blog discusses the history of Mother's day & what this day means to me as a busy mother of two.  View Post