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  • Birthstones month by month

    We take a look at the history of birthstones as well as explaining which gem is your birthstone and what it all means. View Post
  • What’s the difference between gold vermeil and solid gold?

    When shopping for jewellery, many find themselves stumped by the sheer amount of choice you have when selecting the metal that will make up the piece. 

    Gold vermeil is an incredible metal to work with and to wear. Here we discover why and explore how it differs from solid gold and other metal types.

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  • How to clean and maintain your jewellery

    During a time where sanitisation is king, it’s never been so important to properly clean and maintain the accessories you wear everyday.

    Jewellery offers a killer way to define your look from day to day. But did you know your most beloved pieces could be harbouring around 428 times more germs than the average loo seat? And that’s after just one week’s wear!

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