New Year, new looks - the jewellery trends set to be big in 2022

New Year, new looks - the jewellery trends set to be big in 2022 - Dainty London

The New Year offers so many trends to get excited about! Yet it’s not just your wardrobe that has to move with the times to stay fashion-forward.

With the power to make or break any outfit, your jewellery also has to be on-point to keep the ensembles you rely on every day and on occasion looking fresh and fabulous. To help you on your way to a chic new look this season, we’re here to reveal the jewellery trends set to be big news for the year ahead.

Earthly pleasures

Nature has played a huge role in the jewellery trends of yesteryear and that’s set to continue into 2022.

Going au naturel with your jewellery however doesn’t mean going back to basics. You can be delicate and elegant with those earthy elements thanks to our Cornish Coastal collection. Inspired by designer Jade’s own childhood in Cornwall, the pieces featured in this collection are the stuff of beautiful beaches and rugged coastlines.

Our Cornish Coastal collection puts seashells, periwinkle, starfish, mussels, barnacles, seaweed, and freshwater pearls front and centre, using techniques like granulation to ensure the earthy, organic charm that is so on-trend.

Many of our jewellery designs are also crafted from recycled sterling silver so you can put the planet first when selecting your nature-inspired pieces.

Charmingly chic

Charm jewellery may have gotten something of a bad rep in recent years, but during 2022, charm bracelets are back and better than ever.

You can keep the trend charmingly chic by opting for simpler designs that feature one charm, just like our Personalised Silver Heart Bracelet or Seashell Bracelet. These classic pieces are great for everyday wear, and won’t fall out of fashion even when our obsession with charms has been and gone.

Set in stone

Going supersized with your stones is a must this season, whether you’re wearing a ring, earrings or a necklace. Thanks to our collection of gemstone jewellery pieces, you can go big and bold to encompass this trend to a tee.

Add colour to your jewellery collection by opting for vibrant stones, like amethyst, ametrine, agate, sky blue topaz, garnet, or citrine. Don’t be afraid to go for a different cut or setting to help that big, dazzling stone stand out even more. 

Find more tips for choosing a gemstone right here.

Anyone for a cocktail?

Christmas party season may be over, but there’s certain to be many more events and occasions to rock a cocktail ring or two.

Cocktail rings are always popular choices, and they’re set to be huge for 2022. Cocktail rings offer an easy way to jazz up any outfit, with their bright and joyful appearance always certain to go down well on the fashion front.

When wearing cocktail rings, remember it’s all about experimentation as Jewelry Shopping Guide details:

“Cocktail rings are supposed to be fun and show off your personality. You can play with the colours of the ring and your outfit. Try matching them for a unified look, or if not try contrasting the colour of the ring with that of the outfit to emphasize it and make it pop out. Why not play around with the shapes, sizes and materials of the rings?”

Whether wearing a cocktail ring as a standalone piece or mixing and matching, our collection of bespoke rings is a great place to begin.

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