How do I find out my ring size?

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Getting the fit right is just as important as nailing that signature style when it comes to purchasing a ring.

Whether you’re looking for a gold vermeil ring that you’ll wear for special occasions, bridal jewellery that you’ll don on your big day, or an unstated piece that you’ll rock on a daily basis, your ring size is the key to completely comfortable wear.

But where do you even begin when discovering the ring size that’s right for you or for that special person in your life? Here we answer that all-important question with three super easy ring sizing methods...

Method 1: Measure your finger

This method is definitely the old school way of discovering your ring size. All you need is some string, a measuring tape or ruler, and a felt tip pen.

Simply wrap the string around the finger that you’ll wear your ring on. Be sure not to pull the string too tightly as this will result in a rather snug fit when you receive the finished product. Use your felt tip pen to mark the point where the string overlaps.

Next lay the string out straight and use your tape or ruler to measure its length up to the mark you just made in millimetres (mm). This figure represents the circumference of your finger and the inner circumference of the ring.

You’ll then need to request a ring size conversion chart from your chosen jeweller, which will translate this measurement into the nearest ring size. Ring sizes in the UK are specified using an alphabetical letter.

The most common ring size for women in the UK is ‘L’, which is a 51.2mm finger circumference and a 16.3mm ring diameter.

Method 2: Let an existing ring be your guide

An easier way to determine your ring size for a brand new piece is to raid your existing jewellery collection.

Seek out a ring that fits comfortably and use this to compare ring sizes. If you’re not sure which size the ring is, most jewellers provide a print at home ring size guide, which has to scale diagrams to offer your ring up to.

Method 3: Find your size – the Dainty way!

Here at Dainty London, we do things a little differently to ensure the perfect fit for you in the easiest way possible.

All our rings are bespoke, which means they’re made to fit your specific ring size. After you place your order, we’ll post you a ring sizer device so you can measure up to perfection and receive a ring that’s comfortable and chic.

Just a few more pointers…

Whichever method you choose to use, there’s a few things you must bear in mind. The size of your fingers fluctuates throughout the day, expanding and contracting with the changing temperatures. It is therefore important to measure your finger when it’s at its largest.

If, like most people, you’re not sure when that may be, measure your finger at various points throughout the day. You can then use the biggest figure to determine your ring size.

You should also remember that your knuckle is much bigger than the base of your finger. Don’t measure for your ring to fit too snugly as you may not be able to get it past the knuckle. A perfect fit slides over the knuckle but doesn’t slip off the finger too easily or spin.

Here Martha Stewart reveals another sign that it may be time for a resize or to order a larger ring size:

“If a ring is too small it's going to squeeze your finger in a way where there's a little bit of finger flesh that pokes out on either side of the ring, like a muffin top. If you see this 'muffin top,' it's a sign that your ring will end up being uncomfortable to wear. Since you'll likely be wearing this every single day, it's important that it feels just right.”

Shop bespoke rings and discover your ring size later here at Dainty London.

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