An interview with Sylwia G- Fashion and portrait photographer

An interview with Sylwia G- Fashion and portrait photographer - Dainty London

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Dainty London™ was recently featured in Elegant Magazine with thanks to the wonderful fashion and portrait photographer Sylwia Gniazdowska. 

Sylwia is a London based photographer who specialises in mood enhancing fashion and editorial shoots for large brands.

I wanted to know more about this intriguing woman and seek some styling & fashion advice from such a wonderful source.

Originally born and raised in Poland but currently working in London & surrounding counties, Sylwia started doing photography at age 19 as a hobby when she borrowed a friend’s camera, fast forward a few years she is now internationally published in 20 different fashion magazines. She has photographed many London brands and works between the UK, Spain and Poland.

How did you get into fashion editorial photography?

I found fashion photography to be so interesting. It allows me to be creative and connect with other creators. I try to get more than just a pretty picture and I want to show some concept behind each editorial. Particularly my favourite is to shoot editorial for magazines, because is less about selling a product and more about representing a mood. 

Do you prefer working with high fashion brands or the smaller independent businesses?

Rather than high fashion brands I am happier to photograph new designer brands, especially when the brand is sustainable. I am incredibly happy about my collaboration with Dainty London Jewellery, I think the pieces are more unique than high fashion brands and more sustainable. As a creator I want to support other creators as well, that's why my mission is to support any sustainable and smaller brands to make this world a little better place.

What are your tips for someone who wants to start a photography course?

I have 3 tips:

  • Be always inspired and try to find inspiration in everything.
  • Be original and try new things.
  • Remember than your skills and vision are more important than your equipment.

Can you recommend a flattering photography pose for the selfie conscious Instagrammer?

The light and angle are a key if you want to get flattering image, I strongly believe is more important than pose. The best light which you can find in home is your window, just stand opposite to the window to get soft and skin flattering light. When you want to shoot outside try to find a soft light in shade when the light is harsh, shoot in cloudy conditions or try backlit. If you want to capture your whole pose take the lower angle to make your legs longer. Everything which is close to camera is appears bigger, so its good when you extend your leg to the camera. While taking portraits and selfies try to keep a camera away or use a zoom, because when camera is too close to the face it can be distorted.   

Sylwia plans to become a fully freelanced photographer in the next forthcoming years and her big dream is to do fashion campaign around the world. 

If you wish to contact Sylwia then she can be found at

Sylwia G photography
(Model is wearing our Queen Naida Earrings & Ring set.)fashion editorial photographer image
Sylwia G

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