Measuring for your (or her!) engagement ring

Measuring for your (or her!) engagement ring - Dainty London

Whether you’re still enjoying that just engaged feeling after being surprised with a Christmas proposal or are currently preparing for your own big reveal, getting the size of the engagement ring just right will be the icing on the cake.

Discovering your ring size isn’t always easy, especially if you’re shopping for someone else. But with the following measuring tips, you can get the ring size right so your new fiancée can wear that stunning sparkler right away.

Choose your method

One of the most popular ways to measure for your or her engagement ring is the good, old fashioned string technique. All you need is a piece of string, measuring tape or ruler, and a felt tip pen.

Wrap the string around the finger ensuring a snug fit, mark where the string overlaps with the pen and lay out the string on the measuring tape or ruler to measure its length up to this mark in millimetres (mm). You can then use a ring size conversion guide from the jeweller you’re shopping with to find the nearest ring size. 

There are other methods for discovering the right ring size, such as using an existing ring as a guide. But as most don’t wear jewellery on their ring finger until they become engaged and/or married, this may not be the most accurate approach.

Get the timing right

It’s not just how you measure that matters. Choosing the right moment to take the measurement can mean the difference between a great fitting ring and an ill-fitting sparkler.

The size of your fingers fluctuates throughout the day, which can make measuring for an engagement ring a real minefield. Always measure when the finger is at its largest to ensure a comfortable fit whatever the day brings.

Take a closer look

Various factors will influence the ring size you or your new fiancée opt for. The most common factor is the size of the knuckles as Hitched explains:

“Take a good look at your fingers (you may never have done this before!) and note whether or not your knuckles are roughly the width of your fingers or if they’re a touch wider. Wide knuckles will need to be taken into account when measuring your ring size as the band may fit your finger but struggle to squeeze over the joint!”

It is important to remember that you can get a poorly fitting ring resized after purchase. Engagement rings can generally be made smaller or larger by up to two sizes. Beware of resizing your ring too much, however. Resizing more than two or three times can take its toll on the ring.

Never ever guess!

Maintaining the element of surprise is important to many people planning to pop the question, which can leave lots of grooms-to-be relying on guesswork to find their partner’s engagement ring size.

You don’t have to take any chances when shopping for an engagement ring at Dainty London. We provide ring sizer devices to all our customers, and you’ll receive yours after you place your order. Ring sizer devices can be used discreetly to measure to perfection and guarantee the perfect fit.

Shop our range of bespoke rings today and discover the handcrafted pieces that will take your partner’s breath away.

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