Taking inspiration from the English countryside, the Grain collection has an earthy, organic charm created by casting oats, quinoa and poppy seeds in recycled sterling silver and finishing the pieces with a granulation technique.

Some items can be personalised. Please see individual product descriptions for more details.

Cornish Coastal

The Cornish Coastal collection is a nod to the halcyon days of designer Jade’s childhood in Cornwall, surrounded by the beautiful beaches and rugged coastlines, where bedtime stories were peppered with tales of mermaids and other local folklore. Many of the rings in the collection are named after historical mermaid sightings.

Some items can be personalised. Please see individual product descriptions for more details.


One ill-fated night in 1763, as Margaux Grey clung to the rocks, the sting of the sea whipping her back and the remains of her cargo vessel crashing at her feet, she clutched her only remaining possession – her jewellery purse – close to her chest. As a hand reached through the black and brutal night pulling her up over the cliff to safety, the purse tumbled from her grasp, cascading a waterfall of rainbow gems into the sea below.

Lost to the sea for centuries, the collection of rings and necklaces organically evolved - shaped by the relentless tide, ingrained by the sandy seabed and sculpted by delicate collections of barnacles – revealing the 1763 Collection we see today.


In a dreary and dull world of doldrums and deadlines where do you find your Utopia?
On the cloud covered summit of Mt Olympus, towering above mortals, as gorgeous as a goddess? Or in the glittering glamour of Old Hollywood greasepaint and winged eyeliner, surrounded by ardent admirers? Is Utopia in the Universe, where you can soar beyond the earthly restraints of your imagination? 
Utopia is the collection for the woman who yearns to adorn herself with perfect pieces that encapsulate her wildest dreams.
Allow your inner goddess to emerge. Drape her in the jewels she has been longing to wear. Stop languishing and come to Utopia…

Timeless & Bespoke

The timeless and bespoke collection is created in solid 18ct gold & platinum which allow for a lifetime affiliation with your jewellery. The collection will see members of the same family ordering pieces for mother, daughter, and grandma creating a timeless connection.