Jewellery styling tips from professional London fashion stylist Camelia M

Jewellery styling tips from professional London fashion stylist Camelia M - Dainty London


Camelia is a well-established London based professional fashion and lifestyle stylist. She gained her wealth of fashion knowledge from the London School of Styling and dresses herself in the most opulent stylish outfits that any girl would want to replicate.

After recently doing a collaboration with this influential fashionista I decided to ask her a few jewellery styling questions.








What are your top tips for styling an outfit?

"Start with good basics but don’t forget to add a personal touch to your outfit. Shoes and bags are very important but don’t go too matchy - matchy they should coordinate and complement each other rather than match. Always finish off your outfit with a nice piece of jewellery - I like to layer them but if that is not your style just choose a delicate ring or a necklace!"

What are your go to pieces?

"I used to live in jeans but now I love dresses! Especially in summer! So versatile and easy to wear and they really make in impact! With the right accessories they easily take you from day to night and from season to season. You are very likely to see me wearing a dress to the beach with sandals and straw hats and the same one in winter with boots and teddy coats :)"

When wearing jewellery do you prefer big earrings or big necklaces?

"At the moment, I would say big necklaces but sometimes I even do both! I don’t really go by the rules, I like to make my own :)) I go through fazes of liking either chunky jewellery or delicate pieces. I’m mixing them up at the moment which looks awesome."

Can you share some of your styling tips & your styling history?

"My best styling advice is to wear what makes you feel great! I don’t really believe in rules, I love clashing colours and clashing styles so as long as it makes you feel good just go with it! If you feel it is too much then it probably is, so just take one thing off and see how the outfit changes. But never go for the boring option just to please others. Oh, and don’t be scared to try something new! As I said I used to only wear jeans at one point but now I’m wearing a dress almost every day. My styled changed quite a lot in the past few years and that’s good - it means it’s evolving!"

Click here to see how Camelia styles some of our favourite Dainty London jewellery pieces.

You can follow Camelia on Instagram for her daily styling tips: @mecamy

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