The Coastal Collection

The Coastal Collection is inspired by my wonderful childhood in Cornwall. My father was a fisherman, and he would go out to sea for days at a time. When he returned with his lobster pots and fishing nets, I would imagine mermaid treasures tangled up among them.

Treasures from the depths of the ocean

I still envision glistening gemstones and barnacle-encrusted treasures from the depths of the ocean. This collection pays tribute to the legendary mermaid sightings and local folklore that filled my childhood bedtime stories.

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Gold Starfish Necklace - Dainty London

The Starfish story

About ten years ago in Sri Lanka, I discovered a tiny, perfectly preserved starfish on the beach. I brought it home, envisioning it as a centrepiece for a new jewellery collection. In my workshop, I crafted a mould, capturing every little detail. Using recycled silver and gold, I transformed the starfish into a stunning necklace, reviving its magical charm.

The Seashell Story

When Jade was seven, she found a tiny seashell buried in the sand while waiting for her father's boat to return. She kept that little seashell and has now transformed it into stunning pieces of recycled silver and gold, capturing the magic and wonder of our inner child.

The Full Coastal Collection

Our Rings

Our Rings have been named after historical mermaid sightings