Why does sustainability matter when choosing jewellery?

Why does sustainability matter when choosing jewellery? - Dainty London

Sustainability influences our everyday lives in more ways than we think. Yes, it’s not just our love of reusable bags (which we always leave in the car!) and our obsession with recycling at home that motivates all of us to be more Earth-friendly.

Every little and big move you make to reduce your environmental impact matters, and that includes when you purchase the occasional piece of jewellery.

Here at Dainty London, we’re passionate about sustainability. That’s why we use recycled sterling silver wherever we can, and lovingly wrap all our jewellery pieces in recyclable, environmentally friendly packaging. We’re also gearing up to using Fairtrade gold and gold vermeil in our future collections, which is an exciting step forward for us and the planet.

There are many more reasons why sustainability matters when choosing jewellery. Here we talk you through just a few of them…

Because preloved is just as precious

Preloved precious metals are paving the way for a more sustainable jewellery industry. With recycled materials - like the recycled sterling silver we use to craft some of our ranges, including The 1763 Collection - you can enjoy all the perks of zero-impact, second-hand materials in a brand new design.

By choosing recycled sterling silver or another preloved precious metal, you’ll be helping to lower the use of unethical practices such as mining. Recycled sterling silver for example is not mined from the ground. It’s produced by extracting silver from old jewellery, scrap metal, electrical goods and even medical tech.

During this process, no purity is lost and the environment wins too!

Sustainable jewellery

Because fast fashion is exactly that

Fast fashion has influenced the fashion and jewellery industries in the most negative way. Whilst the cost and availability of mass-produced clothing and accessories is palatable, its quality and longevity are more difficult to swallow.

We’ll let Good On You explain why trend-driven, fast fashion inspired, mass-produced jewellery is a huge waste of time and money, as well as a major drain on the environment:

“Unfortunately, the fast fashion industry has brought about a culture of repeatedly buying poorly-made ‘trendy’ jewellery that is thrown out after a few wears, wasting resources and exposing ourselves and the producers to toxic materials along the way. Thankfully, the increasing global focus on sustainability in the fashion industry has also raised questions about the environmental impacts and ethics of the jewellery that we adorn ourselves with.”

By choosing ethically made, environmentally friendly, timeless jewellery pieces, you’re investing in better quality goods that last longer and cost the Earth very little.

Because it changes communities for the better

Making the sustainable choice when buying your next jewellery piece is about so much more than lowering the impact we have on the planet. With ethical jewellery choices, you’re also supporting the communities at the centre of it all to make an even bigger difference.

Issues like child labour, forced labour and modern slavery are all connected to unsustainable and unethical practices. We actively support initiatives like The Greener Diamond so we can inspire love and humanity through jewellery to create a greener, kinder future.

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