Statement jewellery looks for the winter season

Statement jewellery looks for the winter season - Dainty London

The New Year offered a flurry of new jewellery looks, but with the year almost over and the closing season approaching, there are yet more new jewellery trends on the block.

This winter, there’s a lot to get excited about in the jewellery world. Here we offer a rundown of the statement designs that are made for the season, and they’re all available right here at Dainty!

Chunkier chains

One trend that wowed jewellery fans on the catwalks last year was the chunky gold chain. It was spotted at several shows and should now be a part of your jewellery collection.

Chunky chains don’t have to be brash and reminiscent of the 1980s and 90s as our Large Astrid Necklace proves. Created in collaboration with social media content creator Astrid Zeegan, the Astrid necklace may feature a stunning blue topaz stone set in granulated gold vermeil, but its chain is show-stopping too.

The necklace’s paper clip chain offers a contemporary and forever elegant twist on the trend-worthy chunky gold chain to deliver a statement that will see you through this season, and the next, and even the ones after that.

Statement drops

Drop earrings are back and chicer than ever this winter. Whilst last autumn/winter season saw earring trends popping with colour, the new season sees a return to the classic.

Classic drop earrings don’t have to be boring, however. Our intricate and beautiful earring designs provide that statement drop style with a few quirky extras. Our Silver Gaia Earrings use handcrafted recycled sterling silver and granulation to create unique barnacle clusters that look fresh from the sea.

Those looking for an even quirkier drop earring design will love our seashell and starfish adorned Gold Adastra Earrings.

Mixed up metals

For jewellery wearers who are still undecided about which metal is their favourite, this jewellery trend will provide some much-needed relief. We’ll let Vogue explain more about this on-trend look:

“Are you team gold or silver? Minimalism or maximalism? Symmetry or asymmetry? The good news is you can be anything you like in 2022. The rule is, there are no rules. Finematter’s Ejdrup says mixing your metals is on-trend in 2022, whether that’s in layering pieces or in a single two-tone piece as at Charlotte Chesnais, Delfina Delettrez or the ultimate mixed-metal classic, Cartier’s Trinity.”

If you’re not a fan of layering, you can still embrace the mixed metals trend in all its glory this season thanks to our Moti Bangle.

The design uses granulation to combine silver and gold vermeil in the most beautiful, sophisticated way. The Moti Bangle is so exquisite that it can be worn as a sleek, standalone piece or stacked with other Dainty bangles.

A rainbow of gemstones

When it comes to gemstone jewellery, there are no rules for winter 2022! You can rock a myriad of colours courtesy of your gemstone jewellery selections, and you’ll find a rainbow of shades to choose from throughout our collection.

Our selection of bespoke rings offers plenty of food for thought for those looking for show-stopping, statement pieces that feature semi-precious gemstones of all cuts and colours.

Explore our rings and wider jewellery collection today to discover the statement pieces that’ll see you through winter and beyond.

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