Bridal jewellery – why it’s not all about the wedding ring

Bridal jewellery – why it’s not all about the wedding ring - Dainty London

Your wedding day ensemble should be the stuff of dreams. Whether you’ve been refining your bridal look since you were a little girl or are inspired by more recent trends and tastes, it’s important to note that it’s not just your wedding dress that needs to be carefully chosen.

How you accessorise your bridal gown will complete the look, and complement your wedding day style and theme. Shoes and headwear aside, your jewellery choice can add a touch of sparkle as well as let your personality shine through.

Whilst you’re certain to have picked your wedding ring with a long list of criteria in tow, the same rules simply don’t apply when selecting other bridal jewellery pieces. In this blog post, we share our top tips for picking the perfect bridal jewellery for your very special day.

Be inspired by your dress

Whatever the style or shape of your gown, your bridal jewellery has to complement it. Those opting for a simpler, more sophisticated style can be a little more creative with their bridal jewellery. While brides with elaborate or embellished designs may want to go back to basics.

Be inspired by your dress in every way. Even the colour of your bridal gown could influence your choice. Ivory and champagne gowns for instance look great with a classic precious metal like yellow gold. A brilliant white dress looks more radiant when teamed with platinum and white gold jewellery pieces.

The neckline of your dress should also be noted and won’t just influence the style of your bridal jewellery but the type of piece you go for. Take high necklines as an example; they’re too busy for necklaces yet a beautiful pair of earrings or an elegant bracelet will do the trick!

Let your hairstyle guide you

Your bridal hair and makeup is another way to define your bridal look. But just as choosing the right hair and makeup for your style is important, so too is selecting the right jewellery for your hairstyle and face shape.

Classic yet timeless pearls and diamonds look fabulous with pulled back hairstyles and low buns. If you’re rocking short hair, trailing earrings are great choices, whilst brides with looser, longer styles can dare to bear more statement pieces that aren’t so easily overshadowed.

Add a splash of colour

Coloured gemstones, like the ones featured in our bridal jewellery collection, are huge on the bridal wear scene and are one trend that isn’t going anywhere fast. 

Adding a splash of colour to make your all-white ensemble pop is the call of the day, and the result is bold, beautiful and utterly unforgettable.

Many gemstones even carry hidden meanings, with morganite symbolising the harmony, romance and love everyone wants on their wedding day, and aquamarine being every bride’s perfect ‘something blue’.

Embrace a bridal classic

Bracelets are often overlooked when choosing bridal jewellery, with earrings, rings and necklaces more popular choices amongst modern-day brides. But there are so many reasons to embrace this bridal classic. We’ll let The Knot tell you more:

“No matter your dress silhouette, a bracelet is a classic bridal accessory—and a simple way to add a personal statement to your wedding day look. From delicate pearls to trendy statement cuffs, there's a bracelet for every personal style. We even love the idea of stacking mixed-metal pieces for a super-fashion-forward effect (arm party, anyone?).”

Forget less is more

Being understated isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so if that’s not your style, don’t give in to the ‘less is more mantra’. Elaborate designs, like our semi-precious gold vermeil cocktail rings and statement necklaces, work just as well as the daintier, more delicate pieces in our bridal jewellery collection.

Every bride is unique, work with your individuality and showcase your quirks to choose a jewellery look that is oh-so-you.

Find a bridal jewellery piece that’s just as special as you are by shopping our bridal collection.

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