Things to consider when buying gemstone jewellery

Things to consider when buying gemstone jewellery - Dainty London

Each of the gemstone jewellery pieces we so proudly craft and stock have its own unique characteristics, a fact that can make choosing just one very difficult indeed! There are several factors you should consider when buying the gemstone jewellery that’s right for you. Read on to discover what should be on your hit list when shopping with us.


There are approximately 300 different types of gemstones to choose from, all of which fall into one of four categories – precious, semi-precious, soft porous and treated.

Precious gemstones tend to be the most durable, measuring high on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness as a result. But before you rush ahead and purchase your precious gem, don’t disregard semi-precious and soft porous stones.

Known for its beauty and brilliance, the semi-precious category includes some of our favourite gems, including alexandrite, amethyst, aquamarine, topaz, garnet, peridot and rose quartz. Whilst more delicate by nature, soft porous gems are just as stunning. Pearls, opals, emeralds, amber and agate are all classed as soft porous.

Colour & clarity

When deciphering the highest quality colour and clarity, it helps to know your gemstones. Each gemstone is after all as different as the last, which means what colour and clarity you should expect from one, isn’t necessarily the same as another.

You can find a quality agate stone for instance with either an opaque or translucent finish. Whilst aquamarine is known for its clear, colourless and near-flawless clarity.


Coloured gemstones are most commonly found as oval cuts, but the possibilities are endless. You’ll find gemstones in marquise, round, trilliant, pear, square, octagon, princess, antique cushion and emerald cuts. Choosing between these cuts comes down to personal preference with each cut offering different optical properties.


Gem weights are measured as carats, and in most instances, the higher the carat weight, the higher the price. The carats of your shortlisted pieces however aren’t the be-all and end-all. Contrary to popular belief, a stone’s carats don’t dictate its dimensions or size.


Digging deeper into how and where your gemstone was sourced is a must. As a brand at the forefront of sustainable jewellery, we work hard to make our designs Earth-friendly. The use of recycled sterling silver and Fairtrade gold (where possible) are mainstays here at Dainty London as a result.


We’re not talking monetary value here! Many gemstones have special significance or meaning, with their spiritual value renowned throughout history. We’ll let Energy Muse explain more about how gemstones have long been used to balance the body, mind and soul:

“Healing crystals and gemstones have been used for thousands of years by ancient civilizations; the Egyptians, Aztecs, and others incorporated healing stones into jewellery, cosmetics, decorative statues, amulets, and much more—a testament to the powerful ability of gemstones to release mental, physical, and spiritual blockages.”


The setting is just as important as the stone. As the perfect frame for your beautiful gem, it has to be equally dazzling. We use gold, platinum, gold vermeil and recycled sterling silver to ensure individual designs that can be treasured for the long haul.


Every jewellery piece should have a story. With our unique designs and craftsmanship, we want to help you tell yours with our signature and statement gemstone jewellery. Selected designs can also be personalised to ensure a truly timeless connection through the jewellery you wear.

Find the lasting, bespoke and unique gemstone jewellery pieces that should be a part of your collection by shopping with us today.

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