How to create a timeless connection through jewellery?

How to create a timeless connection through jewellery? - Dainty London

Whether you have a large, sprawling jewellery collection, or a carefully curated assortment consisting of just a handful of items, everyone has one or two jewellery pieces that have stood the test of time.

These timeless trinkets may have been passed down from a loved one, bestowed as a gift, or even purchased as a present for yourself to mark a milestone moment in your life so far. Whatever the story behind your timeless jewellery pieces, it’s all about that connection with a memory, milestone or person.

Instead of waiting for your next timeless piece to come along, our latest collection gives you the chance to be proactive when creating that timeless connection through jewellery. 

Here we explain more about the Dainty pieces that will last a lifetime and become ageless beauties in your jewellery collection during this generation and many generations to come.

Introducing Dainty’s Timeless and Bespoke Collection

Our Timeless and Bespoke Collection is designed to be different and built to last. The jewellery in this collection uses 18-carat solid gold and platinum to ensure an everlasting shine, timeless finish and elegant look.

Platinum in particular unlocks several benefits for jewellery wearers, especially if your piece is a mainstay and even worn daily. Platinum is a rare metal and therefore more exclusive. It’s also low maintenance, tarnish-resistant, and hypoallergenic.  Its durability is renowned too as Overstock details:

“Wedding rings and engagement rings should look lovely for a lifetime, and even fashion rings and cocktail rings owe you decades of accessorizing. Platinum doesn’t lose its shine and colour like some other white metals can, which makes these rings a fantastic investment.”

These precious metals are combined with stunning birthstones and gemstones across many designs in our Timeless and Bespoke Collection. You’ll find bright and beautiful beryl, topaz, diamond, aquamarine and garnet stones alongside our creatively designed, inspired solid pieces.

Designs destined to be future family heirlooms

As we mentioned in our introduction, many of the timeless and bespoke pieces that make up our jewellery collections at home have been passed down by family members, so why not start a new tradition by passing down one of your pieces?

Each and every piece featured in our Timeless and Bespoke Collection is a future family heirloom. The beautiful, timelessly elegant designs used are certain to be loved from generation to generation.

In fact, why stick to just one heirloom. We often have members of the same family purchasing pieces from our Timeless and Bespoke Collection, creating that timeless connection through jewellery between mother, daughter and grandmother.

A personal touch that won’t go unnoticed

Whatever your reason for seeking out a timeless piece, our personalisation service is a great way to add an extra special touch to a soon to be treasured item.

Our necklaces and bracelets can all be personalised with 9-carat gold and sterling silver tabs. Choose to print initials or a date that means something to you. Our rings can also be customised with many ring designs already made to order.

Browse our Timeless and Bespoke Collection today or contact us for further advice on finding a jewellery piece that’ll never go out of style and will be a joy to own for a very, very long time.

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