The Grain collection is a celebration of the beauty and bountifulness of the English countryside, capturing its organic essence and earthy allure.

Each piece is crafted with a masterful touch, casting wholesome oats, nourishing quinoa, and delicate poppy seeds in recycled sterling silver. The result is a timeless work of art, featuring a granulation technique that elevates the collection to a new level of sophistication.

A tribute to nature's simple yet powerful gifts, the Grain collection is a reminder of the richness and serenity that surrounds us all.

Cornish Coastal

Take a trip down memory lane with the Cornish Coastal Collection, where the beauty of the past meets the grace of today. Each piece is inspired by designer Jade's childhood memories spent by the Cornish beaches and coastlines. The collection pays homage to the legendary mermaid sightings and local folklore that filled her bedtime stories.


One ill-fated night in 1763, as Margaux Grey clung to the rocks, the sting of the sea whipping her back and the remains of her cargo vessel crashing at her feet, she clutched her only remaining possession – her jewellery purse – close to her chest. As a hand reached through the black and brutal night pulling her up over the cliff to safety, the purse tumbled from her grasp, cascading a waterfall of rainbow gems into the sea below.
Lost to the sea for centuries, the collection of rings and necklaces organically evolved - shaped by the relentless tide, ingrained by the sandy seabed and sculpted by delicate collections of barnacles – revealing the 1763 Collection we see today.


Escape the monotony of daily life and find your personal paradise with the Utopia collection.
Designed for the woman who desires to express her individuality and inner goddess, these stunning pieces will transport you to a world of beauty and inspiration.
Indulge in the luxurious beauty of perfectly crafted jewellery that captures the essence of your wildest dreams. Say goodbye to drabness and hello to Utopia.

Fine Jewellery

The timeless beauty of our Fine jewellery collections is embodied in the solid 9ct, 14ct gold, and platinum that each piece is crafted from.

With its lasting durability, these heirloom-quality jewels are designed to be cherished by generations. Whether it's a mother, daughter, or grandmother who wears them, these treasures will bring families together, creating a lasting bond.