What is fine jewellery?

What is fine jewellery? - Dainty London

When describing our stunning jewellery collections, we’re pretty colourful with our language. Other than being multi-award-winning, simply beautiful, unique and utterly timeless, our jewellery pieces are often described as ‘fine’.

Here we share a guide to what makes jewellery ‘fine’, the difference between fine and fashion jewellery, and how our jewellery collections bring together the very best of both to ensure a stunning look and superb quality whatever the occasion.

What exactly is fine jewellery?

As the perfect representation of value and class, fine jewellery is exactly that. Officially fine jewellery is classified as any jewellery piece that uses precious metals and genuine precious gemstones.

By incorporating the finer things in life, treasured pieces are crafted. The resulting jewellery items are guaranteed to become integral parts of your accessories collection for years to come.

Why is fine jewellery the best in the business?

Thanks to its use of precious metals and gemstones, fine jewellery has the foundation to stand the test of time with the right care and jewellery storage.

The strength of genuine, precious metals means that with just a little maintenance fine jewellery can last a lifetime and beyond without the risk of corrosion. This makes them ideal for passing down to loved ones from generation to generation. With this in mind, milestone gifts, wedding bands, and occasion pieces often fall into the fine jewellery category.

Is sterling silver a precious metal?

Whilst pure silver, gold and platinum often spring to mind when discussing fine jewellery and its precious metal status, there’s often some confusion about whether sterling silver is in the same league.

Sterling silver may be an alloyed form of silver - compared to fine silver which is 99.9% pure silver - but it is still the genuine article. In fact, the use of sterling silver is more widespread across the fine jewellery market, with many pieces (including the ones found in our collections) using sterling silver with pride and in the most intricate, interesting manner.

We use recycled sterling silver throughout our collections to ensure the best choice for us, you and the planet.

How does fine jewellery differ from fashion jewellery?

Those looking to make a statement with their jewellery choices will more often than not turn to fashion jewellery to achieve their on-trend looks. Unlike fine jewellery, fashion jewellery isn’t as fussy about its use of materials as Chart Attack describes:

“Fashion jewellery, also known as costume jewellery is made from Brass, Nickel, Copper, Aluminium and Bronze. These materials are prone to cracking and tarnishing, giving fashion jewellery a short life span. Plus, when they break, it is almost impossible to fix them and if you do, the end product won’t be as elegant. They are therefore only suitable for passing fashion trends.”

Selected fashion jewellery pieces do use a thin coating of precious metal to provide a greater level of durability yet the lifespan of these pieces still pales in comparison to the longevity provided by fine jewellery.

On the flip side, fashion jewellery is extremely affordable. Unfortunately, the pieces often don’t last long enough to enjoy their trend-worthy looks for more than a few seasons.

Dainty London – where fashion and fine meet

You don’t have to compromise on style when investing in fine jewellery pieces that will help you make a statement from season to season.

At Dainty London, we bring fashion and fine jewellery together to craft incredible pieces that not only last for the long haul but look and feel great to wear. Our jewellery uses fine, precious metals and gemstones to achieve just that in a range of timeless and unique designs that are perfect for everyday or occasional wear.

See our stunning fine jewellery for yourself by browsing our collections right here.

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