How to store your jewellery like a pro

How to store your jewellery like a pro - Dainty London

How you store your jewellery matters. Without the right storage, jewellery can quickly degrade and precious metals tarnish, especially if the area is particularly humid or exposed to excessive sunlight.

Jewellery storage however goes beyond choosing a beautiful jewellery box or dish. There are a number of steps jewellery owners should take to protect and preserve their treasured collections. Here we share our dos and don’ts for storing jewellery like a pro.

DO invest in a jewellery box or tray

There are tons of ways to store, organise and display jewellery. From ornate dishes to hanging displays, you really can be as creative as you like, but the best way to store your jewellery is in a dedicated jewellery box or tray.

Jewellery trays are a great option for storing larger jewellery collections if you have a drawer spare in your bedroom or dressing room. The majority of tray designs provide lots of separate compartments and slots so you can easily locate exactly what you’re looking for. These discreet, in-drawer designs also provide a safer, more secure solution.

Whether opting for a jewellery box or tray, keeping the compartments free from dust and dirt is the key to beautiful jewellery.

DON’T mix things up

Separating your jewellery not just by type but by metal makes pieces much simpler to find. It can also prevent several issues as LifeStorageBlog details:

“Make a few piles that separate fine jewellery, costume jewellery, and silver jewellery. You should keep costume jewellery away from silver and fine jewellery, and you should keep silver jewellery away from fine jewellery. This separation helps prevent the metals from tarnishing when they interact with one another.”

Storing jewellery separately will prevent another annoyance – tangled chains. Store necklaces separately and flat to avoid this and enjoy your jewellery without the need for detangling.

DO give gemstones special treatment

Gemstone jewellery is particularly prone to damage without the right storage. Many gems can become easily scratched, whilst the metals they’re set in can fall victim to tarnishing too.

Always store gemstone jewellery in separate compartments. If this isn’t possible, wrap each piece in fabric or place it in a pouch to ensure full protection. Wrapping or encasing your gemstone jewellery pieces will also help to protect them from direct light.

Many gemstones – including some varieties of opal, amber, amethyst, emerald, pearl, and rose quartz - are sensitive to light, with prolonged exposure to direct light causing stones to fade, darken or even crack.

DON’T store dirty or damp jewellery

Cleaning and maintaining your jewellery is of course vital. This is especially true if they’re just about to be stored.

Before you store your jewellery, make sure pieces have been cleaned and thoroughly dried. Moisture can be a real killer for jewellery, with tarnishing and degradation more likely to occur if your jewellery has been stored wet or dirty.

To prevent moisture from making a mess of your jewellery collection, make sure your jewellery box or tray is located in an area that’s free from moisture and humidity.

Gold jewellery is particularly vulnerable to the effects of humidity and extreme temperatures, and will quickly become tarnished or discoloured if exposed to temperature swings. Always locate your jewellery box or tray in a cool, dry, dark place that has a consistent temperature and low humidity.

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