Planning a Christmas proposal? Check out these alternative engagement rings

Planning a Christmas proposal? Check out these alternative engagement rings - Dainty London

Whilst taking the top spot for many years, Christmas slipped down into third place in the rundown of most popular proposal dates during 2021. Nevertheless, it remains a particularly popular time to propose.

The magic of the winter season makes for the most beautiful proposals. Whether you’re getting down on one knee in front of the Christmas tree or heading outside and into the snow to ask that very important question, it’s the perfect Christmas gift as Wedding Ideas details:

“Without sounding like the voice over for a cheesy rom-com, there really is no greater gift than love. So what better way to express your adoration with the perfect gift that symbolises love, commitment and desire than a Christmas proposal. Oh, and a big ol’ diamond definitely wouldn’t disappoint on Christmas morning either. Why not present it on Christmas morning, during a walk or over breakfast in bed.”

When planning your own magical Christmas proposal, there’s one item no fiancé-to-be should be without – a beautiful engagement ring.

Choosing an engagement ring that your bride-to-be will cherish for the rest of her days isn’t easy. By thinking outside the box and going for an alternative gemstone ring - rather than the usual diamond – you can guarantee a look that’s as unique and special as the person wearing it.

Here at Dainty London, we’re all about creating a timeless connection through jewellery, and there’s nothing more enduring than the love you have for your partner. Read on to discover the alternative gemstone rings that are perfect for popping the question…


Your bride-to-be is certain to be suitably dazzled by our Zennor ring. It features a stunning yellow Beryl stone, which is set in granulated solid 9-carat yellow gold for a unique finish that’ll be unmistakably hers.

The granulated setting is crafted using an ancient casting technique, with oats, quinoa and poppy seeds all responsible for its organic, nature-inspired finish.


With its timelessly beautiful garnet stone and solid 9-carat yellow gold band featuring granulated details, our Morwenna ring certainly draws the eye.

In fact, it’s certain to captivate the most discerning bride-to-be with its stunning deep red wine colour and ornate look.


For a smaller stone that doesn’t fail to impress, our Viviane ring is a great choice. Inspired by the ocean and shaped by the tide, the Viviane ring is a beautifully sculpted design that’s as delicate as it is majestic.

It features an unusual, square-cut peridot stone, and the gold vermeil that surrounds it resembles beautiful barnacles.


When selecting an engagement ring for your Christmas proposal, you don’t have to opt for a gold or gold vermeil setting. You can find the same stunning, eye-catching look with solid sterling silver as our Soraya ring proves.

Its solid recycled sterling silver is intricately embellished with 18-carat gold vermeil, which lovingly caresses the large pale green quartz stone at its centre.


With its flawless London Blue Topaz stone, our Cleodora ring certainly catches the eye. Its octagonal cut and 18-carat gold setting are utterly timeless. The stone itself is particularly dazzling, with its deep blue shade changing as the light plays on its surface.

Find more alternative gemstone rings just in time for your Christmas proposal by exploring our full collection

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