Why we use recycled sterling silver

Why we use recycled sterling silver - Dainty London

Sustainability is very important to us here at Dainty London. In fact, it matters more than ever when choosing your jewellery, whether you’re currently sourcing the perfect piece of bridal jewellery, looking for a classically elegant piece to wear daily, or want to invest in a gemstone jewellery piece that’ll wow for an upcoming special occasion.

As well as lovingly wrapping all our jewellery in recyclable, environmentally friendly packaging, we use recycled sterling silver to craft many of our pieces. 

Here we explore why using recycled sterling silver is the best choice for us, you and the planet…

Your jewellery has its own story to tell

We specialise in offering bespoke, timeless jewellery pieces that will be treasured for many years to come and are magnificent enough to be treasured by the next generation (and the generation after that) too. 

Whilst our jewellery pieces are set to become a great part of your story, by choosing recycled sterling silver, they also have their own exciting tale to tell.

Your sterling silver had a life and a purpose before it found its way to you. Instead of being mined, sterling silver is extracted from old jewellery, scrap metal, electrical goods and even medical tech, which is a pretty amazing backstory!

It supports the planet, not unethical practices

The mining of precious metals is particularly damaging to the planet and not to mention unethical. Mining affects habitats as well every part of life for the people and creatures that call these places home.

In addition to causing water, air and soil pollution, there’s an increased risk of injuries, fatalities, hearing issues, cancer and lung diseases for mine workers. Deforestation is also necessary for the creation of mines, but this doesn’t just cause issues for the people and animals based on land as Mongabay details:

“While deforestation and chemical pollution from mining can impact the rainforest environment, downstream aquatic habitats fare worse. Increased sediment loads and reduced water flows can seriously affect local fish populations.”

The refinement and disposal processes that go hand-in-hand with modern-day mining also result in environmental damage. The release of by-products alone diminishes air and water quality to harm ecosystems in so many different ways.

By choosing recycled sterling silver, you can save plant life, animals, people and ecosystems as well as lower emissions and energy usage.

It’s silver but not as you know it!

Silver is a precious metal that’s popularly used but unlike silver, recycled sterling silver isn’t mined using unethical practices. Its preloved status means a zero-impact, second-hand material, yet doesn’t detract from its quality.

Despite undergoing an intense extraction process, no purity is lost, meaning you can enjoy a stunning piece and safeguard the planet.

Keep it conscious and earth-friendly

According to Green Matters, using recycled metal (like our recycled sterling silver) instead of buying new metal can lower mining waste by an incredible 97%!

Team this with the fact that recycled sterling silver is so easy to care for and super versatile, and why wouldn’t you shop our selection of sustainable jewellery

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