The Moti Bangle

The Moti bangle embodies the essence of beauty born from the harmonious fusion of exquisite elements. It is a tale inspired by a mermaid who emerged from the tropical shores, the offspring of a Pacific Ocean princess and a dashing Cornish pirate. Each piece encapsulates the unique and romantic bond between the two.

Crafted from solid, recycled sterling silver, the collection is finished with a granulation technique in 18ct gold vermeil, lending it a sleek and sophisticated allure, perfect for wearing alone or in a stack. With an inside diameter of 7.5 cm, the bangle fits the average UK bangle size and offers a one-size-fits-all design.

Presented in a sleek, grey matchbox-style jewellery box with our logo elegantly embossed in gold foil on the outer lid, each bangle is lovingly packaged with care. To keep your treasures shining bright, a complementary jewellery polishing cloth is also included with every order.

Plus, enjoy the convenience of free delivery on all of your purchases.

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