The 1763 Collection

One ill-fated night in 1763, as Margaux Grey clung to the rocks, the sting of the sea whipping her back and the remains of her cargo vessel crashing at her feet, she clutched her only remaining possession – her jewellery purse – close to her chest. As a hand reached through the black and brutal night pulling her up over the cliff to safety, the purse tumbled from her grasp, cascading a waterfall of rainbow gems into the sea below..

200 Years later

For centuries those timeless treasures have been lost to the sea, and have now been rediscovered in the 1763 Collection. All shaped by the relentless tide, engrained with the sandy seabed and sculpted by delicate barnacles, this collection is a true work of art.

The Gold Isla Ring - Dainty London

The Isla Ring

Make a statement with the mesmerising Isla Ring. Featuring a large octagonal Golden Citrine gemstone, elegantly set in a recycled sterling silver or 18ct Gold (vermeil) Victorian-inspired setting, this popular cocktail ring is the epitome of refinement and class.

Maxi Silver Astrid Necklace - Dainty London

Maxi Silver Astrid Necklace

Plucked from the ocean, the Maxi Silver Astrid Necklace is a marvel of natural beauty and the highlight of our 1763 Collection. Resembling treasures washed ashore, this necklace has been masterfully crafted from sterling silver and features a breathtaking 12x10mm sky blue topaz gemstone at its heart, which has been set to capture the essence of the sea.

The Gold Avery Ring

The Avery ring is imbued with the enduring allure of centuries past, this ring was shaped by the very forces of nature and enhanced by the delicate touch of oceanic life. Today, it stands as a testament to the sea's transformative power, a magnificent addition to our exclusive 1763 Collection.

The 1763 Collection pays homage to Victorian-era gemstone settings from the 1800s, blending them with a contemporary twist, giving you a stunning fusion of vintage charm and modern style.





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