Intriguing Treasures GOLD Subscription Box

Looking for an exciting monthly treat? Look no further than our subscription service, which offers a mysterious package containing an exquisite piece of our GOLD (vermeil) Dainty London jewellery. Whether you prefer earrings, a necklace, or a bangle, our monthly subscription service delivers a surprise to your doorstep each month.

With the option to accumulate pieces throughout the year for upcoming holiday or birthday gifts, or simply indulge yourself with a monthly treat, our subscription service is perfect for any jewellery lover. Available in gold or silver- the subscription requires a minimum term of six months, with potential savings of up to £50 per item per month.

Our subscription service includes some of your favourite Gold Dainty London jewellery pieces, and each month will bring something completely new and exciting. With our subscription service, you'll always have a surprise waiting for you, and our exquisite jewellery pieces will make the perfect addition to your collection.

Sign up for our Intriguing Treasures subscription service today and enjoy the excitement of receiving Intriguing Treasures every month.

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  • £45.00